Co-production Week Scotland 2019: The Big Questions


18th - 22nd November 2019

Now in its 4th year, Co-pro Week Scotland is about bringing people together from across the country to share ideas, learning and stories about how co-production puts people and communities at the heart of the support and services they’re a part of.

But co-production isn’t always smooth sailing – it can be tricky to define, hard to measure and sometimes it’s not clear whether we’re doing co-production or something else entirely.

During #CoProWeekScot this year we’re going to be asking the Big Questions for Co-production, exploring what makes co-production so transformative… and why it’s not always so easy.


Questions… and answers

We’ll be using the week to ask questions that challenge us to really take stock about how co-production fits as part of our work. Questions like…

  • Is the term co-production really understood?

  • How embedded is co-production at a policy level?

  • How can co-production be done with limited resources?

Some of these might not be straight forward to answer - and some might be controversial - but we think it’s vital to ask tricky questions to help us understand where we are with co-production, locally and nationally, in Scotland today.

As well as asking the big questions, the week will be a celebration of how co-production helps to shift the balance of power towards people and communities and we’ll be asking for your stories, resources and ideas.


Your Big Questions

As we build up to the week, we want to hear your Big Questions for Co-production and use them to help us identify some of the issues the network is facing and bring people together to work out the solutions.

It might be questions about your activity, or questions about co-production nationally. Whatever they are, we want to hear them.

We’re going to bring them together and use them to help plan some of the week’s activity.

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Get involved

We’re still getting ready for the week, but like previous years there will be loads of ways to get involved:

  • Run an event as part of the week: we can help promote what you’re doing, attract new interest and give you logos and branding to badge it as an official #CoProWeekScot event. Neat!

  • Write a blog or share some reflections: long or short, detailed or brief, we can to hear your stories of co-production and help share your valuable learning about co-production in action.

  • Get involved in our events, online discussions: we’ll have loads of activity run throughout the week and beforehand.

Download our media pack for more.

Want to discuss your plans or have any questions? Get in touch